Sea to Shining Sea

28 November 2018

Prince Charles Cinema, London

28 November 2018

7 Leicester Pl
London WC2H 7BY
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Organised by

Jaime Marie Davis

Sea To Shining Sea, Bricolagista’s new feature, is a comedic road trip across present day America. 

For the UK film premiere, hitch a ride on a deadpan counter-narrative to the current disheveled state of all things red, white, and blue with Monihan, the pale-skinned American ex-pro skater once honorably named “Most Hated Skater of All Time” by Thrasher Magazine, and his buddy Boerleider—the chocolate complected comedian from Amsterdam—imagine the love child of Dave Chappelle and Mr. Bean. 

Filmmakers Sheena Matheiken and Maximón Monihan will be present for a post-screening Q&A with David Jenkins, editor of UK film magazine Little White Lies

¡Bricolagista! is a subterranean filmmaking collective run by Sheena Matheiken & Maximón Monihan, who aim to create films that obliterate borders, genre and industry convention. They create by any means necessary, utilizing whatever they can get their hands on, with the sole intention of confronting complacency and reconciling paradox.

Sea to Shining Sea film premiere was organised in collaboration with Prince Charles Cinema and Little White Lies magazine. With special thanks to Long Live Southbank.