Jenna Selbey: Rouge Riders

and Skate Kitchen Pre-Screening

12 September 2019

House of Vans,

12 September 2018

Arches 228-232
232 Station Approach Rd,
London SE1 8SW
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Jenna Selby
Skate Kitchen

Organised by

Jaime Marie Davis
Modern Films

Women have always represented a minority within the skate scene, however, they have also been able to embody what skateboarding has always been about: an alternative mode of creative expression through which to break free of dominant social codes. 

It is a sad truth that even within a subculture defined by its disregard for authority and for society’s norms, gender discrimination has too often gone unchallenged. The last few years have seen a lot of progress made—by LGTBQIA+, with groups such as the Girls Skate UK and several others abroad working to improve the position of others within skateboarding. 

For more than a decade, skater, photographer, and filmmaker Jenna Selby has been an active force in generating a number of platforms, such as the Girl Skate Jams with Ro Brannon, spurring UK talent and visibility, and started Rogue Skateboards with Lucy Adams and Laura Goh. Jenna’s films, ‘As If, And What’, ‘Days Like These’ and ‘Scratch the Surface’ have been an essential documentation of top female skateboarders from the UK and around the globe. 

The exhibition will coincide with Girls Skate Night, House of Vans and Modern Films for  an exclusive pre-release screening of Crystal Moselle’s Skate Kitchen

Released in UK cinemas on 28 September, this is the narrative debut for Crystal Moselle following her Sundance-winning documentary, The Wolfpack (2015). Skate Kitchen stars the members of a real-life all girl skate crew based in NYC, who caught Moselle’s attention on social media and inspired the film. 

The screenings will be hosted in our 100-seat cinema space. A very limited number of walk-in tickets will be available on the day, on a first come, first served basis. 

The event is free with booking required.