From the Archives:
RaD Magazine
and the Future of Skate History

20 July 2018 | London

Photo Credit: Mike Johns and RaD Archive

Soho, London

20 July 2018

15 Bateman Street
London W1D 3AQ
United Kingdom
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Press Release


Winston Whitter
Dan Adams
Dr. Noni Stacey

Organised by

Jaime Marie Davis


Magazines were essential to capturing decades of skateboarding’s most significant moments and remain an essential resource for generations of future communities.  Yet their archives consist of unstable and fragile materials and are often left in the care of independent enthusiasts. 

Curator Jaime Marie Davis will host a roundtable with photographers, filmmakers and skaters such as Dan Adams from R.a.D Magazine, Stuart Maclure of Long Live Southbank, and filmmaker Winstan Whitter, alongside historian Dr. Noni Stacey, who specialises in radical community archives in the UK. This open discussion will look at personal archives, popular social media accounts such as Science versus Life, and other historical resources that transition these ephemeral materials into digital and sustainable forms. 

The event will look specifically at the UK’s skateboarding scene and its communities throughout the decades, and the documents left behind.